Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Update

Hello Everyone,
This is Amy, Chris's sister again - I suppose it will be me until they get back down from the Summit.   I had a voice mail this morning from Chris (I left something inside my house this morning before work and left my cell phone in the car and missed the call - Ah well) - I had a voicemail that I believe said they are staying one more day at Camp 2 because of the high winds up to camp 3.  I am not sure if you all remember, but camp 2 is a very uncomfortable place to hang out - they barely had enough room for 2 tents and the wind blows hard all the time.  They had to build a snow cliff so the tent could be somewhat flat on the side of the mountain.   So I am sure they are anxious to move ahead.  Meanwhile they look forward to the climb up to camp 3, which I understand involves climbing up a technical bit called the black pyramid. 
So stay tuned and hopefully Chris will be able to continue to communicate.  Again, he sounded really good and strong!  Keep the good thoughts coming to the team!  They are working well together!
Be well,