Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Waiting Game

Hi All,

It is May 9th and we have started that dreaded game called waiting. We have done our acclimatization, by sleeping at Camp 3. We have the sherpas working to carry loads to the South Col. Yesterday we had 9 loads carried to 8000m in preparation for our summit window. The rope fixing is progressing although at this time I cannot say how far up the mountain they have gotten in fixing lines to the summit. 

What we are really waiting for is the prime window of opportunity in which we can head to the summit safely. I have not often thought I would use the terms 'tropical depression in the Bay of Bengal is causing me concern,' but I have used that terminology several times in the last few days. Another term that has become overused in my vocabulary is "jet stream". What is the jet stream doing today? Where is the jet stream going to be in a week? How is the jet stream impacting the depression in the Bay of Bengal? These are all utterances I have indeed uttered in the past few days. 

Sadly, there is no clear answer yet on a summit day. There are summit plans, summit logistics, but no summit day at the moment. In the meantime I continue to utter inane phrases that have no real meaning outside of Everest Base Camp. What we do have is people who are being patient, hoping that the day comes soon that we can utter the phrase, "We are on the Summit", immediately followed by,  "We are safe in Base Camp and heading to Thailand."

That is a phrase I hope comes sooner rather then later. 

Chris Klinke
Everest Base Camp