Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kathmandu-Everest 2013

Hi All,

The team will start arriving in Kathmandu over the next few days. I arrived yesterday to lack of the normal cacophony of sound. It was Holi (yes i think that is the correct spelling) day which entails everyone running around throwing water and color pigments at each other. The streets were relatively empty of traffic and all the shops were closed.

This Expedition we have 5 Americans, 2 Polish, 2 Indonesian, and Swede climbing either Lhotse or Everest. We also have a team of researchers trekking into Base Camp from both UMEA university in Sweden and Stanford. Their study is called Triple E. D., its focus is on Everyday Decision making in Extreme Environments. I will let them explain their thesis at some point in the expedition.

We have a strong Sherpa Team from Rolwaling Excursions. I have the pleasure of climbing with several former teammates and i know it will be a good season on Everest this year.

Climb Hard, Climb High, Come Home