Saturday, May 25, 2013


My team summited on May 23 at approximately 4:30 am. It was an amazing day up to the South Summit with very little wind. Once we hit the Southeast ridge the wind started to blow but it did not diminish our ambition or effort. My first client arrived on the summit at a blazing speed of 6:30 hours. The whole team averaged about 7:15 to the summit.

The team who summited consisted of:

Chris Klinke-expedition leader- USA
Angdu Sherpa-Nepal

Eric Meyer-expedition doctor- USA
Tashi Sherpa- Sirdar-Nepal

Brad Johnson--USA
Damai Chheeri Sherpa-Nepal

Farji Al Lithfi-Indonesia
Nima Kancha Sherpa-Nepal

Martin Rimbawan- Indonesia
Lhakpa Tshering Sherpa-Nepal

Piotr Ciesweski- Poland
Furtemba Sherpa
Torborn Hallstrom-Sweden
Mingma Chhiri Sherpa-Nepal

Shyam Bahadur Tamang-Nepal

It has been a great expedition season and an amazing team. It has been my pleasure to lead this amazing team to the roof of the world.

Chris Klinke
Everest BC