Saturday, October 2, 2010

Waiting and summit Plan

So we have been waiting for the past 7 days for the snow to firm up on the upper mountain. Amazingly it has and one lone German made it to the summit yesterday. He said conditions were fickle but the lower part of the summit push had firmed up.

This morning we woke to a large lenticular cloud over the summit and high wind raging up on the mountain. So we are back to waiting.

Our tentative plan is to move up the mountain on Oct 4 with a goal of summiting the 6th or 7th if the winds drop to an acceptable level.

Right now most of the other teams in Base Camp have left. The Chinese threw an end of the season party a few nights ago the likes of which I have never experienced. It was quite a bit of fun. By the 4th we will be one of only 4 groups left waiting for an opportunity to move up the mountain.

From the rumors I have heard it seems to have been a dismal season across the Himalayas with heavy snows and high winds hampering most of the summit bids.

Everybody is in good spirits though and still enjoying each others company. The more time you spend with the people the more you get to know them.

Chris Klinke,
Cho Oyu ABC