Friday, March 23, 2012

Heading Back to Everest

A quick update to let those who follow this blog know that I am heading to Everest South Side in about 10 days. I am departing on April 2. Right now I am trying to balance the demands of getting all the equipment and necessary supplies with work needs. It is a relatively short turn around time for me. I found out on March 2 that I was going for sure and started working with the expedition organizer to ensure that we have everything covered. Our schedule is below for those of you who want to follow it.

4-Apr Wed arrive Kathmandu
5-Apr Thu Kathmandu
6-Apr Fri Kathmandu
7-Apr Sat 1 Kathmandu
8-Apr Sun 2 fly Lukla, trek Phakding
9-Apr Mon 3 trek Namche
10-Apr Tue 4 Namche
11-Apr Wed 5 Trek Tengboche
12-Apr Thu 6 Trek Dingboche
13-Apr Fri 7 Dingboche
14-Apr Sat 8 Trek Lobuche
15-Apr Sun 9 Trek Gorak Shep
16-Apr Mon 10 Trek Everest BC
17-Apr Tue 11 Rest
18-Apr Wed 12 Rest
19-Apr Thu 13 Lobuche East acclimatize
20-Apr Fri 14 Lobuche East acclimatize
21-Apr Sat 15 Skills practice on Lobuche
22-Apr Sun 16 Skills Practice on Lobuche
23-Apr Mon 17 Trek BC
24-Apr Tue 18 Rest
25-Apr Wed 19 Rest
26-Apr Thu 20 BC-C1
27-Apr Fri 21 C1-C2
28-Apr Sat 22 C2
29-Apr Sun 23 C2-BC
30-Apr Mon 24 Rest
1-May Tue 25 Rest
2-May Wed 26 BC-C1
3-May Thu 27 C1-C2
4-May Fri 28 C2-C3
5-May Sat 29 C3-C1
6-May Sun 30 C1-BC
7-May Mon 31 Rest
8-May Tue 32 Rest
9-May Wed 33 Summit Window
10-May Thu 34 Summit Window
11-May Fri 35 Summit Window
12-May Sat 36 Summit Window
13-May Sun 37 Summit Window
14-May Mon 38 Summit Window
15-May Tue 39 Summit Window
16-May Wed 40 Summit Window
17-May Thu 41 Summit Window
18-May Fri 42 Summit Window
19-May Sat 43 Summit Window
20-May Sun 44 Summit Window
21-May Mon 45 Summit Window
22-May Tue 46 Summit Window
23-May Wed 47 Summit Window
24-May Thu 48 Summit Window
25-May Fri 49 Summit Window
26-May Sat 50 Summit Window
27-May Sun 51 Summit Window
28-May Mon 52 BC- Pack
29-May Tue 53 BC-Namache
30-May Wed 54 Namche-Lukla
31-May Thu 55 Flight Lukla-KTM
1-Jun Fri 56 KTM
2-Jun Sat 57 Flight Home

This is the first time in a long time that I am leaving for a climb while gainfully employed, and balancing the needs of the organization with my personal goals has been a challenge, but I have to hand it to my work team. Everyone is supportive and I am thankful for that support.  The support they have shown is simply outstanding. It is great to work where people recognize the need for following your passion.