Monday, May 24, 2010

There is a reason they call it Mountain Climbing and not Mountain Summiting...

That is the title my brother specifically asked me to lead this post with.  Hello, this is Chris's sister, Amy, writing again.   I spoke with him around 8:30pm (EST) on Sunday 5/23.  He and the team were in camp 4 and 6 out of the 14 (I think I have that number right) summited.   He would not specify who summited, and frankly, I was just happy to hear that everyone was happy and safe and well.    So in summary, some summited, some did not, and they are all safe and coming back down.

They are heading all the way back down to ABC as I write this blog so they can post their own update and we will hear all the gritty details then.

Thanks for all the good thoughts!

Be well,