Friday, May 17, 2013

Summit Push is on

The waiting is over, the utterances have ceased, we are getting ready to head up for our summit bid tonight. The team will leave BC at about 2:30 am to head up to C2 to avoid the heat in the Western CWM. Last trip through the CWM had temperatures of around 95F. It simply melts a person. We will arrive in C2 and rest that day and the following, then move to C3 on the 20th of May. Assuming everyone in the team is doing well we leave C3 for C4 on the 21st and make our attempt on Everest on 22nd of May. Again, assumptions come into play. The four major factors we will be looking at are Weather (No significant change in the forecast),  Member's physical condition, and Sherpa physical condition, and the number of teams heading to the summit. If all those variables are in alignment we will depart C4 on the 21st at approx 9:30 pm and start heading up to the summit. If not we might hold at C2 or even C4. 

Chris Klinke
Everest Base Camp