Thursday, April 12, 2012

On the Trek

The days start to blend together as we are trekking into base camp. We spent one night in Phakding, and then continued onto Namache Bazaar. Namache always reminds me of Kathmandu on a micro Level. It is tucked into a hillside valley with varying levels of shops and hotels. You can get great coffee, fresh baked goods, and a wide selection of mountaineering gear. It also has a great pharmacy that came in quite handy since Sam and I both had a small chest infection after our time in Kathmandu.

We spent three nights there and lived in relatively luxury. A hotel with an attached bath.

We are now in Degoboche spending a night and from here on in we will be trekking everyday with no rest days until we hit Base Camp. The weather today was cooperative and we had sun and high clouds on our trek and when we got to our lodge it decided that it had enough of being nice to us and started raining. This could present some challenges as we head higher up with snow levels but we have some time for it to clear itself out.

Chris Klinke
Degoboche, Nepal