Saturday, July 19, 2008

C3 Pics

Pics from 3


A2Girl said...

So who are the pics of? Glad you are resting in base camp! Continue with the wisdom! Love you Chris! Amy

Noelle said...

Chris, I am reading and watching you in awe! Sounds like you had a tough day and good job climbing! Way to go. Rest up and enjoy the views for me...sigh..Im envious. safe and snug here in San Diego.

Will be watching for your next post. Im with you in heart and spirit. Be careful..I know you will.
Nicki Branch

susan Alexander said...

You're a great team! Rest up for the Big "Up"! Chris, love your blog and Fred's...good combo for info. Eric, your whole SmbtSCC team is standing with you and all the guys! Troy played your msg at church..good to hear your voice. Your steps are ordered! Miss you..Sue and Hugh