Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dispatch from Camp 1

Eric and I are sitting at camp 1 enroute to camp 3. Chris W, Mike F, and Paul all passed us on their way down from spending 2 nites at C1 and 2 nites at C2. Great job guys.

Hope all is w ll in the world, how is Obamaa doing against McCain in the election? Any Veeps yet?


Noor said...


Its Noor I hope you had enjoyed alot and now you have cool feeling for all of your life to be feel happiness.Can you tell me your trip was held from which date and date of finishing etc. I know about those tracks and I hope you passed from my house which is near from Islamabad:)
Take Care enjoy see you soon again.

PAM said...

Great going guys! Eric, as the summit draws closer, stay strong.

A2Girl said...

no VP's yet - I think John Edwards is pushing to be Obama's but who knows - People keep calling McCain too old - there is a lot of fighting between McCain and Obama over who is more this and that -nothing of substance...but you can be happy b/c president Bush said our economy is sound -despite the fact that our mortgage industry is in shambles - ah well- the truth is - he is probably right - it will be fine - in other news Bradalinga had their twins - named Vivienne and Knox - The new Indiana Jones movie was not great,but good clean fun and no big new from the Tour De France - Please post aonther blog soon so we all know where you are and are safe!
be well and safe,
love you
your sis

Carole said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Boss,

I hope you are enjoying and having some pokara or samosa's by tha hands of Sayed. We wish that you will sucees.

Take Care

Best Of Luck

Best Regards,

Noor Ul Huda