Sunday, August 3, 2008

International K2 Team Safe

Everyone on our team is back in base camp and is healthy and safe. Our thoughts and prayers are going out to those teams who are not safe yet.


Jamia Darul Hadith Rehmania said...

salam. i wil pray to u and ur Health. i living new K.2, wazirpor Shigar.
my name:A.Hameed Saghir

Katarina said...

Guys, just come back home, all of you.. my prayers stay with you, and with all who love mountains and cannot resist their calling. Kat

vanessa8792 said...

To all, be skeptical of what you read in international media at this time. Respect the Team and allow them to tell their stories when the time is right.

My love and prayers to the Team and to all of your friends and family who care about you and respect your decisions.

Jusqu'à ce que nous nous réunissions encore, mon coeur est avec vous.
Au revoir,
Belle Chanson, SBS CO

Noelle said...


Eghhh. YOU know you can climb the mountain..right? YOU can climb anything if you set your mind to it and dammit, you know it Chris, you know it. Alive is better.

Get your ass home, ok?


Sara said...

Send my love to Eric Meyer. Glad you guys are safe!

Sara Bradt

Bradley D. said...


Sending you positive thoughts and prayers for a safe return to low ground! Be well buddy!