Thursday, April 1, 2010

The expedition season is upon us and all over the world, climbers are packing their down equipment, climbing gear, food, and luxury items (toothbrushes, shower bags, and chocolate). The list is being checked twice and most times thrice to ensure that nothing is left behind.

The airlines flying into Kathmandu are dreading the onslaught of overweight luggage, and the climbers are trying to figure out how to make their baggage fit the weight restrictions that are so arbitrary with airlines the world over. If you are coming from the USA and flying a USA based airline it is restricted to two 50 lbs bags, if you are flying an international carrier out of the USA it is two 70lbs bags.  If you are coming from Europe you have one 32 kg bag that you are allowed to bring with no charge, and that is true for most of the world. It makes layovers and delays a joy because you now have to learn the new restrictions on your baggage. But all the challenges of preparation are worth it because you get to go pursue what you love.

I am no different I am getting my gear into place and rechecking twice, about to start the thrice. I keep going through it and trying to figure out if I can leave something behind, or should I bring it just in case. A great example is a spare ascender in case someone loses one, or a spare harness in case one breaks, or a spare length of webbing in case we need a really big belay point.

We now have 3 amazing people joining us for the Trek into Makalu Base Camp. I am honored and thrilled that my dear friend Ann Wagner is joining us. She climbed with me in India and is one of the people I credit with giving the lust for the mountains. In addition we have Jim and Leslie Kendrik joining us who are traveling around the world on their honeymoon. They heard from their friend Rob that their was a possibility of trekking into Makalu and they re-routed their tickets to join us. We will have an incredible time trekking into Base Camp.

 I have to send a few Thank You's, First to Chhiring Dorje and Rolwaling Excursions for all the fantastic work he has done in making this trip happen. Their is a link to his website on the home page of the blog if you have an interest in doing something unique in Nepal.

Second one is to all the Sponsors who are making this trip happen and providing us with amazing equipment to use: Valandre, Adventure Medical Kits, Talus Outdoor Products, Point 6, Dermatone, and Steripen.

Please visit the newly created Team Page and Sponsor Page!

Climb Hard, Climb High, Come Home!


佳玲曉豪 said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE.................................................

Noor-ul-Huda said...

Hi Guyz,

Wish you goodluck for a wonderful trip. We will be with you and waiting for your views and feeling regularly. Take care all of your crue.

Best Regards,

Noor-ul-Huda said...

Hi Guyz,

Wish you best of luck. We will be waiating for your kind support to share your comments. I am missing such a great trip. Hope one day in my life I will have such trip in the mountains of Karakoram Range like Nanga Parbat or K2 or anyone. I hope!

Best Rgds,