Friday, April 20, 2012

Training and Altitude

Hi Everyone, 

Sorry for the delay in blog entries but our internet is not very stable nor very reliable in any sense of the word.

We arrived in Base Camp on April 15th and have spent the time since then acclimatizing to the new altitude and doing technical training in the ice fall. This has meant that the team have been climbing up and down ice walls, traversing steep ice slopes, practicing walking on ladders with crampons, abseiling, working carabiners with mittens. You get the idea we have been busy. The team is doing well and we have been watching movies on a regular basis. The best so far was CHE, which actually turned out to be a 3/4 length version of Before the devil knows your Dead. It is just what you get for 100 rupees in Kathmandu.

Everyone is healthy. I am eating better then I normally do at home, except for Cassana Cuisine. 

We will be going through to Camp 1 starting next week. We will send an update when we are down with our first rotation through the ice fall.

Chris Klinke
Gorek Shep, Nepal

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Leslie said...

Good luck Chris and Team!