Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 15th Update

Robbie K writing the blog for the 15th from ABC. The news isn't too good for an accent up Makalu until later in the month, hopefully around the 23rd of May... The French and the Germans left two days ago for their summit bid and we were to leave today The winds have been ripping for the last week from C1 all the way to the summit. When I say ripping, I mean our flesh would be frozen in seconds without remorse if accidentally left exposed. (Upwards of 100km winds with -28 deg C temps.) We have been diligently watching and getting weather updates from France, Germany, and Switzerland. We utilize as many meteorological resources as possible so that our guessing is minimized and a more calculated decision can be ascertained as to when we should make our way up the hill. The information that we had been originally given gave us a window for the 16th and 17th to make our summit push and we were to leave today. We decided to stay in ABC for the last two days because there were going to be 23 people ahead of us. We wanted some room to play and we wanted to make a speedier accent (3 days). In addition we want to spend as lil time above C2 as possible. But the window is too small and the winds have been nuking since last week. So... the French and the Germans are now heading down because of the deteriorating weather... Right now, outside our fabric walls, we are having a mix of snow and rain. So, we are in a hold patern and we are going to see how the winds and weather fair over the next couple of days. So that is all that we have going on right now. We are relaxing and getting "plumped" up for our attempt. It looks as though we are going be in ABC for a few more days so we will keep you all posted. Again, thanks for all of the comments... And please keep them coming...


Niels said...

Let's turn the bad news into good news. You are in ABC, and not stucked up on the rock. I can imagine that Ralf and Gerlinde, are having problems on the NF of Everest. No news from them since quite some time, and as they are on non ox and alpine style, they can be in a messy situation.

Now, this leaves you with the option of SOUDUKU + Video + Reading, Or cut a deal with Dr Mayer to get some of his funny little pills.

Another option is to go down to BC, and cut a party with the Germans. They should have some snaps left!

Enjoy being board!

Linz said...

It sounds amazing! Life changing as usual. I'll send the best weather I can ... gotta figure out how to turn dirt/snow from Mongolia into sunshine and calm's in my recipe book somewhere. Ravens? Big ones?

Carol said...

Rob, thanks for the update. I think you and the group were wise to hold back for better conditions. Our thoughts are with you. We enjoy getting details via the blog. We are behind all of you, but remember coming home is the first priority. The summit is the second. You know I never could resist giving obvious advice.
All the best to you and the team. Today the wind was NW 10 to 20, and temp was 70. All boats are in the water and operational. Can`t wait to see you. All the best love Mom and Dad

Leslie said...

Bummer guys, but I agree it is better to be at ABC than up higher in that kind of weather. Good luck and we'll send some calm weather vibes your way!

-Leslie & Jim

Tony said...

Hang in there guys! Your good weather is surely coming. Play it safe and smart. Conserve your strengh and energy, and put yourselves in a good position to summit when the weather is on your side.

Jaimie said...

Sending good energy and smiles your way! What an unbelievable experience eh? How lucky we are! Looking forward to more updates. Que tengan un buen semana.