Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4th Update...

Where to begin... What a change in biodynamics with a significant gain in altitude and a decrease in temperature. Throw in some inclement weather and dehydrated food and you can see where this blog is going... We are so excited to be resting today post our 2 days @ C2 which is @ 6,642 m. We arrived under azure skies, calm breezes,and pumped spirits. We had stunning views of Everest and Lhoatse to the west, Ama Dablam to the south, and we could see the proposed route above us. We had previously discussed that we were going to head up to Makalu La on the 2nd which would bring us up to 7,400 m That was going to be our greatest acclimitization move thus far. At 0000 hr, unbeknownst to us, a storm building to the southwest was going to slam us @ C2. And it did. I was already struggling with the unfortunate realization that I didn't have enough insulation between me and the tent floor... Those that do know me know that I don't have a surplus in that dept. I slept or tried to without plausible results. I didn't bring my Thermarest so I used coiled ropes and a thin pad to separate me from the glacier beneath me. I was able to get a couple of winks in before IT arrived and what a party THEY had. A well choreograghed blend of snow, graupel, 30 km winds, and our now unfriendly prayer flags beat our tent fly and souls for over 24 hrs. Needless to say we made no progress in elevation. Big ideas and massive progress were thwarted by this storm. The Germans, with whom we hiked up to C2 the day before, were descending (as well as team Marmot)We decided to stay... It was a decision that we felt would better our acclimitization efforts... May 2nd was spent removing snow, pacing, boiling H20, trying to develop interesting conversation, and keeping the aspirational lies to a minimum. I was certain that we were going to go to the La for the weather on May 1st was sans pariel and would continue for the next couple of days so I didn't bring cerebral stimulation devices or read-ables for we would be climbing.... Need to rethink that one!!! Being couped up was brutal, for the mind can travel to locations where not even the bravest Navy Seals would be dispatched... Mountaineers need to be continously stimulated and if not, read the warning label before opening. :) so on the morning of the 3rd, it was determined that we were going to head to ABC to get out of the weather for 24-48 hrs. Collective realizations post trip to C2... Bring your Thermarest, we don't like dehydrated food, bring tunes and something to reign in your thoughts IE: books, Sudoku, etc... It is mid morning on the 4th and we are enjoying some quiet time. We all slept SO well and it's nice to recoup. Tomorrow we are planning to head back up to C2 and start again. We are still pumped and looking forward to making progress again. As stated, we love hearing from you all, so keep the comments coming!!! We appreciate it.
Robbie, ABC


reed53 said...

Hi Robbie

You are all so lucky to be there. To be surrounded by such incredible beauty and power.
I look forward to your updates. It’s so exciting when one arrives. It sounds like things are going well although challenging at times. Keep up the spirits. Think about riding the monument and having lunch at the Hot Tomato.

Make friends with adversity and you will triumph

We all love you
Billy, Maggie, Carlie, Nelson, Peggie, Neu, Douglas, Thomas, William, & Skippy.

Kimberly said...

Ahh, sleeping on coiled ropes with 30km winds, my idea of a pleasant evening! Glad your safe at ABC and rested, ready to head back up, don't forget the thermarest (and dermabond) in case you get a hole! Glad you are all doing well and keep charging. It's hard to tell you, but it was 80 degrees in denver today, wearing flip flops, feels like summer!
Be well xoxo K

Alison said...

Ahhh, the sacrifices one will make for an extraordinary adventure! Although the conditions sound pretty miserable, it makes for an epic story. Be safe and know we are all thinking of you. Like Kim said, summer has arrived so flip flops and river trips are in your near future!
We love you!
Alison, Dan, Hailey & Caitlyn

russell said...

Klime-K. TR gave me your blog when I couldn't track you down for MTN biking in Fruita last week. Sounds like its the same there as Grand Junction. We suffered through it all just like you. I did remember my 3.5 inch thermarest, so I guess it was a little easier:) Keep it up, keep the positive attitude. Good Luck! Russ

jwaechter said...

Navy Seals: you guys are the special forces of exploration. The Seals say, “Getting there is half the fun.” Hemingway said, “Race car driving, bull fighting and mountaineering are sports, everything else is a game.”

Jason Waechter
Friend to Cris “Coronol Klinke” Klinke
(MMA fight name)
Dertroit Michigan, 66F, Elevation 166 m
Tigers are 15-13, 2nd place AL Central
Ernie Harwell died, cancer, age 92

Sue said...

I had a similar experience once when I was lying in Moab RV wishing my 20 degree bag was warmer and I had brought a air mattress! HA/ HA / HA!!!!

Your writing is wonderful and brings me there with you, although I wish I could actually make a quick trip just to let you share Dan's music and some of my books.

Just discovered the blog so I will stay tuned for your next update! Thanks for keeping us all informed.


ps. Brian just turned three and now thinks he can fly with his new Buzz Lightyear 'wings'. He didn't realize it was just for dress-up when he turned to Dan (while perched on top of a 30 foot rock wall) and told him 'Dey weelly do make me fwy"

Carol said...

Hi Robbie, I can't believe we missed your call. As always it is great hearing from you or getting your post. When you know better you do better. I heard that on Oprah the other day. That could be your motto. We love you, Mom and Dad