Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sitting at 21,790

We are currently waiting at Camp 2 for a break in the weather to go up the Makalu La. Snow and wind are oour constant friends. Hopfully our better friends Sun and stable air will visit soon.

Chris Klinke , Camp 2, Makalu


Sam said...

Chris and crew, Great to read all your posts. It's fascinating to hear your experiences. One thinks of other people doing so many other things at any moment throughout the day, it's a treat to imagine what you are seeing and experiencing at this moment. Chris, I have the photo you took of Makalu as my desktop (the one from upstairs at the cabin), looking forward to hearing if you are on a portion of the mountain I can see in this photo, which route you take to the summit and all. Climb high, climb hard and come home safe. Enjoy! Sam Harned

Smartino said...

Eric and Team:
I will do some sun salutations for you! Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way... Sarah Martino

P.S. I, too, am waiting for the snow to subside, so I can go on a bike ride!

Carol said...

Hi Rob, Thinking of you here in Ct. Temperature around 70 degrees and very humid. Expecting a severe thunderstorm later tonight. I was set up with a g-mail account yesterday so I am hoping you receive this note. We will continue to keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Rob, I wish I was at base camp as the ophthalmologist on call for all eye problems. Maybe next trip. We hope the weather gods are with you. Best wishes to you and the whole expedition. You are continuously in our thoughts. All our love, Mom & Dad.

A2Girl said...

Hey Dude (chris)- are you getting my weather updates? What is Makalu La? Is that basecamp 3? hope you guys are having fun! love, your sis, Amy

Jim said...

Nice, you guys are making good progress! How's everyone feeling? No need to rush back to Kathmandu, the Moaists have the city shut down for a Banda. We had a great time up to base camp with you all and wish we were still there with you!