Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summit Aspirations...

We have ben waiting patiently, we have been checking a variety of weather forecasts, we have have been eating our veggies and maintaining our caloric intake, we have changed flights and plans, and now we are going to try for the summit on the 13th. We will leave tomorrow for Camp 1 in what will be some foul high wind conditions, then move up to Camp 2 in hopefully diminishing winds, and the leave around 2 am for the summit on the 13th. If that does not work we will have to wait on more day and head up on the 14th. If it is the 14th we will have to descend from the summit all the way to ABC on the same day, then wake up early and head down to BC to catch our jeep to the border.

That is our plan at the moment, but as always it is subject to the forces of Mother Nature. We will be out of contact until at least the 15th.

Everyone here thanks you for your continued support.

Chris Klinke
Cho Oyu ABC


Dennis said...

Good Luck to you and the Team!

Shauna and I will be watching and waiting for more news of your climb.


Agnes said...

Hi! I've been following your adventures very closely since Laurent is my father. I really hope that the weather will clear up so that you can head up to the summit!

I also send you all my courage and affection which is little thing, since in such bad weather you all must be very exhausted and frozen.

Papa j'espère que tu vas bien. Reviens nous entier d'accord? ;)