Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Summit Update

Hello Everyone! 

This is Amy, Chris's sister with a summit update from Camp 1.   He called while he was cooking - it was only 10 degrees, but with no wind which is good.   They plan to head up to Camp 2 tomorrow (wed) and then go straight from Camp 2 to summit on Thursday and all the way back down by Friday the 15th.  They really have to boogie it back down as they have a ride waiting for them at base camp on the 15th.   Chris said not to expect to hear anything until late on Thursday, so if you don't hear from me, its b/c they are not in a good place to call yet. 

Laurent and Chris were joined by Chris's good friend Fred Strang.  Chris and Fred have been climbing together for years, so it will make for a good solid team.  The only mitigating factor of course is weather, so please send calm and clear thoughts to Cho Oyu in Nepal over the next 3 days!

post a question if you have any and thanks for following, I know that they really appreciate it!

Be well,
Amy Klinke

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Douglas said...

Godspeed Chris and team! ~DDAY